Ibanez JSM10-VYS John Scofield

Ibanez JSM10-VYS John Scofield
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"I loved the way the neck felt on my 1981 AS200, and that was the guitar I always returned to. You find what you're comfortable with and you stay with it.

 This became the basis for the JSM John Scofield Model introduced in 2001, which reproduced the original AS200 guitar, with added improvements."

-John Scofield-

The Tri-sound switch gives a humbucker pickup three different sounds, expanding the versatility of your guitar.

The Gibraltar Artist bridge, made of a light weight Aluminum bridge frame and Zinc saddles, provides natural tone, rich sustain and tuning stability. The low positioned saddles promise comfortable playability.

Ebony produces a tight low end and mid-range with a defined high end attack. It also delivers quick response and rich sustain.

The Super 58 pickups deliver smooth, nuanced tones along with a crisp, biting growl.

The Bone nut provides richer tone from low to high.

The Quik Change III tailpiece enables faster and easier string changing.

Model: JSM10VYS
Manufacturer: Ibanez

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