Roland V-Drums TD-17KV Electronic Drum Set

Roland V-Drums TD-17KV Electronic Drum Set
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The TD-17KV is the most economical option in the TD-17 series, but it comes with a lot of heavy features. PDX-8 mesh pads for toms give you an authentic feel around the kit, offering adjustable tension for customizable stick feel and rebound, just like an acoustic drum set. They’re also softer than rubber pads. This adds the benefit of reduced volume when drumming. On top of this, you get two zones per drum, adding more possibilities to the sound achievable with the kit.

Sporting the large 12” PDX-12 mesh pad for snare drum, this kit feels much more like an acoustic kit ergonomically. The PDX-12 also has a raised rim that matches that of an acoustic snare drum, providing a pleasant cross-stick feel and more accurate rimshots.

  With superior drum pads, the TD-17KV fosters a truly awesome playing experience. You can always upgrade pads one at a time on more economical electronic drum kits. However, many drummers see that it saves time and effort to invest in the better kit upfront.

Model: TD-17KV-S
Manufacturer: Roland

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