Martin & Co. Dreadnought Jr. 2

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Earthy darkness and dry definition!

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Sounds as distinctive as it looks.

Extremely musical ride cymbal with ultra-dry stick definition and an outstanding short sustain. Unlathed surface and big hammer strokes produce a dry and warm sound in a low frequency range.

Dark and dirty. These are the words that describe the Byzance Extra-Dry cymbals. The surface is completely unlathed and untreated (crashes are lathed on the bottom). Just raw hand-hammered bronze–for a raw earthy sound. There is no wash. The extremely short sustain and stick definition come from the deep hammer marks layered with a more traditional hammering. Smoky sound, buttery feel and a 2-year warranty. Use for studio, fusion, Latin, R&B, country, rock, jazz and pop.


•    B20 bronze alloy
•    Hand hammered into shape
•    Utmost in musicality
•    Extensive range

If you like it dark and dry, this is your cymbal!

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 42 x 16 x 6 in
Yamaha Guitars


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