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Acoustic-electric Guitar with Solid Engelmann Spruce Top, Mahogany Back and Sides, Mahogany Neck, Rosewood Fretboard, SRT Pickup, and Hard Case – Natural


When you need a guitar with exceptional tone and playability, check out the Yamaha LL6M acoustic-electric guitar. Part of Yamaha’s legendary L Series, the LL6M uses a hand-selected, solid Engelmann spruce top and mahogany back and sides to give you a rich, warm sounding guitar with full-range response. The 5-ply mahogany/rosewood neck sports not only a smooth-playing rosewood fretboard, but also a new, slimmer neck shape and an enhanced fingerboard edge. A passive SRT Zero Impact Pickup uses six separate elements to detect each string and give you authentic plugged-in tones. The updated Yamaha LL6M delivers killer tone and playability in a premium acoustic-electric guitar.

Yamaha LL6M Acoustic-electric Guitar at a Glance:
Innovative construction to build a better guitar
Hand-selected Spruce top for great tone
A full-range passive pickup system
Innovative construction to build a better guitar
The great tone and smooth playability of the LL6M are due to Yamaha’s never-ending search for perfection. The recently developed A.R.E. (Acoustic Resonance Enhancement) process gives your guitar a broken-in and aged tone. By controlling the atmospheric pressure, temperature, and humidity, the molecular properties of the wood are manipulated to mirror those of a guitar that has been played for years. Each L Series guitar also sports a modified non-scalloped bracing that enhances the guitars low end. And the 5-ply mahogany/rosewood neck, after re-evaluation of string height and spacing, has a new design for improved playability. The Yamaha LL6M utilizes newly developed advances in guitar construction to bring you an amazingly playable and great-sounding instrument.

Hand-selected Spruce top for great tone
YAMAHA knows that the choice of top wood can have a strong effect the sound of an acoustic guitar. For the LL6M, Yamaha chose a premium, hand-selected solid Engelmann spruce top. Chosen as much for its look as its tone, solid spruce has a well-rounded, articulate sound with excellent projection. Its mahogany back and sides provide exceptional bass and powerful projection. And because it’s a solid-wood top, the tone will age gracefully, with enhanced harmonics and greater tonal balance as the years go by.

A full-range passive pickup system
The passive SRT Zero Impact Pickup was designed by Yamaha to deliver a faithful reproduction of the LL6M’s natural, dynamic sound. It was also designed to minimize the impact on the guitars looks and tone. The passive design doesn’t use a bulky preamp that’s routed into the body to hamper the instrument’s look or resonance. Each string has its own piezoelectric element for a full-sounding and accurate sound. Because this is a passive pickup system, you’ll need to use an external preamp when you want to plug in the Yamaha LL6M.

Yamaha LL6M Acoustic-electric Guitar Features:
Innovative guitar design gives you an amazing-playing and sounding instrument
Hand-selected solid Engelmann spruce top with and mahogany back and sides provide rich tone and projection
A.R.E. process molecularly “ages” the wood to match guitars that have been played for years
5-ply mahogany/rosewood neck has been redesigned for today’s guitar player
Updated non-scalloped bracing pattern delivers a fuller low-end
Passive SRT Zero Impact pickup uses individual piezo elements for each string
Hardshell case included

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 7 x 4 x 2 in


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